Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SavePoints: An Interactive WebComic

Hi, Welcome to Savepoints, a webcomic where you decide the story!
This idea of creating a game-based comic was born from thinking about the aesthetics of a game.
Such as saving your progress.
And applying it to a "real" life setting where the main character (Alex) has said power.
This was the comic that led me to think about doing a story:

Simple, gory and kinda dark but fun and jokes nonetheless.
A big part of this comic is how it has now become my Senior Project!
I'm a senior in College & I've decided to create a webcomic where the reader chooses the next comic.
But! remember, you're not the only one reading.
This comic gets read by anyone with access to the internet.
Yes, even you. Yeah you, the one reading.
How do you make the choice of what happens next?
By voting on the polls under the latest comic!

That's the gist of it for now.
I hope you enjoy the comic and remember:
I'm drawing what you WANT me to draw.
So, sorry if you get offended.
It's cool, totally not my fault.
Blame the internetz.


13.Should Alex:
A. Help her out.
B. Leave & find another way.

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